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                             Chernobyl "The Ultimate Experience"


The first time in history: Control room #4


This is the place that changed human history, financially ruined the Soviet Union, and made the whole world doubt nuclear power. Now you are about to witness the Chernobyl nuclear power plant for yourself from a totally different perspective than what you have seen in films or documentaries. A perspective that will shake your values and world view. You will follow in the footsteps of comrade Anatoly Dyatlov who commanded his colleagues and led the events leading to the world's most (in)famous nuclear explosion,



We believe that when you are reading this, you're already (somehow) attracted to Chernobyl.

That's great, because it's a first step to see & feel something that you've never experienced!

We know that many of you have doubts or questions regarding the tours to Chernobyl or Ukraine, so hereunder a couple of reasons, why you should add trip to Chernobyl to your Bucket list!


Our mission

To share our unique experiences with you.
A visit to Chernobyl is an extraordinary adventure that cannot leave one indifferent.
It's like the feeling of wandering in a deserted world.
In any case, Chernobyl is impressive to see: horrible, gloomy and at the same time wonderful. The fascination of the disaster. Above all, the silence is striking. It's also interesting to see how nature regains its rights.

With this holiday we want to change your life. The ultimate experience!!!